Fiscal law

 NLC Law company has a successful experience in taxation dispute resolutions related to VAT, corporate property tax, corporate and individual profit tax etc.

 If tax authority requests documents in connection with a tax audit, a cross-check or «outside of the of tax audit», we would advise you and if necessary help to prepare a legal refusal to provide (fully or in part) the documents required - without the risk of tax law violation.

 If there is a chance of an on-site tax audit against you we would help to identify and minimize tax risks: we would conduct parallel legal and tax audit, determinate «problematic» counterparties, and draft the necessary legal documents.

 Our company is ready to provide you withlegal support during tax audit procedures initiated by tax authority and extra-budgetary funds.

  • Preparation the CEO, chief accountant and employees of the taxpayer to any questioning/interrogation by tax authority. Representing the interests of the taxpayer during such questioning/interrogation.
  • Preparation of objections to the acts of on-site and cameral tax audits, including refusal to approve VAT tax deduction.
  • Implementation of full support of the administrative and judicial procedure to appeal against negative decisions made as the results of tax audits.
  • Optimization of the taxation of company/individual, including special taxation issues like sale/acquisition of property, M&A, business restructurisations, etc.
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